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Wine Country Craftsman
San Luis Obispo, California United States
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    San Luis Obispo California, United States
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    A few years ago I started my little company out of my garage, just like most people and had no idea what I was doing. Struggling for space, I just wanted to design and build fun items after a lifetime of designing and building for others, I finally made the jump to artist and never looked back.

    When I opened my very first shop, it was just my dog and I every day. I did all jobs from creating art, organizing the shop, writing all emails to scrubbing the toilet. As demand for my beautiful art increased I found other talented and crazy artists who share my vision. Surrounding myself with fun, positive people and dogs to create world class art and designs.

    Our shop is located in the heart of wine country and is a one of a kind place. Not a lot of shops have disco balls and water gun stations and we have so much fun its like a bunch of five year olds with power tools. Everything we create is made to order so its the perfect fit for your home or business and we are proud to be 100% green and made in the USA.
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